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diet nutrition     Recipe Calc 4.0, lets you easily analyze your recipes, meals, or daily intake for nutritional value. It calculates calories, calories from fat, percent of calories from fat, fat grams, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, fiber, sodium, and protein. Then displays the information in the familiar Nutrition Facts label format that is now on every food product in America. Included is a database of over three thousand of the most common ingredients.

    You can also easily add ingredients to the database. The interface is intuitive. You won't have to spend hours reading help files or memorize hieroglyphic like tool bar menus. You should be up and using this in a few short minutes. This program is fully functional for a 20 day trial period. It's great if you're on the AtkinsPritikin ,  Zone, or  Weight Watchers diets or just remotely interested in good health.


New in this version
  • You can now Email ( click here to see sample Email Recipe ) your recipes with a nutrition facts food label with the click of a button
  • Option to save your recipes as Web pages, use them on your own web site.
  • Copy recipes to the Windows clipboard in HTML format to make your own web pages.
  • Larger Ingredient database

recipe nutrition analysisClick Here , to download Recipe Calc 4.0 Free Trial Version for Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / XP. Download takes about 15 minutes at 28.8. File size is 2.5 Mb. After the download is complete, find the file you just downloaded, and run it (or just double click it). The setup program will automatically begin, now just follow the on screen instructions. This is very easy even for a computer novice.

How much does it cost?

    Nothing! This trial version is free. The software works for 20 days, you can analyze 10, 20, 10,000 or more recipes in that time and owe nothing, at the end of the trial period it stops working. If you want to use it more than 20 days it costs a budget busting $24 to register/purchase it .


Questions or comments can be sent to me, Mark Muller (the author) at:

Please note this is only for Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / XP / Vista* / 7*

*for Vista And Windows 7, 8 run the program in XP mode*

To run the program in Windows XP mode right click the program or shortcut to it, select "properties", select the "Compatibility" tab, then check the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", and pick Windows XP from the drop down menu, and finally click apply.

NO Mac version





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